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Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to build a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses that can compound value over a long period of time. These companies should be run by passionate management teams with skin in the game. We believe the most important factor to determining business quality is assessing barriers to entry—the depth and width of the moat around the business—which ultimately will determine the return on invested capital of the company. The ideal investment will have a high ROIC and a long runway to continue re-investing at those high rates of return.

Size and Sector Focus

Karst Peak focuses on investments in the consumer, healthcare, and technology sectors. We are bottom-up investors and like to dig deep in our due diligence process. As a result, we tend to avoid highly macro-sensitive and commodity-sensitive sectors and stick to businesses where a talented management team can influence outcomes. While we are ultimately market-cap and size agnostic, we have an affinity for small/mid-cap companies, where we are most likely to identify opportunities with significant long-term upside.


We spend a significant amount of time focused on investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. These markets have produced some of the world’s best performing companies in recent years, yet are off the radar of many global investors. Our particular focus is on companies based or listed in Australasia that generate a significant proportion of their current or future revenue overseas. Given the relatively small population across Australia and New Zealand, companies that find success overseas can increase their addressable market by an order of magnitude. We believe Karst Peak is well positioned to identify and diligence these types of companies given our team’s experience investing across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia over the past twenty years. We have team members in Hong Kong and Sydney to analyze these investment opportunities from multiple angles.